A miracle is not the answer for suffering Chicago Bulls Nation

The Chicago Bulls made no moves before the trade deadline. Instead management seems content to use injuries and inexperience as an excuse to head back to the lottery.

Espn talk show host David Kaplan devoted an hour of his show Friday morning doubling down on his promise. Apparently, he’s been told by somehow in the know that sweeping changes are coming to the Bulls after the season. He said he doesn’t know Michael Reinsdorf so much but knows father Jerry very well and he’s a great guy.

Kap also said John Paxson is a “made man” and will be moving “upstairs” within the organization, whatever that means. Now, who could tell Kap such news and Kap would feel confident enough to air it?

He could only have heard it from Jerry, Michael or Pax. Do the math. He doesn’t know Michael well and Pax sure isn’t leaking this. It’s gotta be from Jerry himself. If it came from anyone else, it’s only fake news at this point.

That said, and assuming its real news, why wait until year-end to make a change? The team has suffered through injuries and embarrassing lopsided losses. Players are slowly tuning out the coach that claims he is here to teach and develop. With Boylen as his coach, Tommy may never have even become a Pinball Wizard. Certainly, Zach LaVine and Lauri Markkanen have not grown into all-stars.

Wouldn’t it make sense to blow this thing up now, at the All-Star break? Actually, it is already a year too late. Last off-season was the time to pull the plug, if only Jerry could have focused on more than his White Sox.

The biggest mistake the Bulls could make now would be to further alienate their young core. One has to feel bad for all of them, especially Zach, who drank the evil water, even offering to pay a Boylen fine at one point.

If the Bulls want to make it back to the promise land, they better expect the sea of confusion that exists to somehow part. It won’t require a Moses or even a strong easterly wind. It can happen just as easily with clarity and common sense.

I understand and respect that firing Gar Forman and Jim Boylen at the All-Star break would reflect really poorly on Paxson, the “made man”.

But, let’s be absolutely clear. Nobody cares about John Paxson’s feelings or integrity.

He has become a “made mad” by hitting one huge shot that only Chicagoans over the age of 30 remember. The faster he goes upstairs, the better. He may have been a poster boy but was never a basketball or business genius.

However, since these are the most loyal fans in sports, Bulls fans somehow still do care about their team. If we don’t cross that sea now, the remainder of the season may break the backs of everyone involved not named John Paxson.

Fans and players need to know now that the chains of 6 NBA championships are coming off. Six time world champions is old news. It’s been over 30 years of holding on to enslaving memories that have not allowed this team to move forward. John Paxson is the face of that memory. Be clear. He has done absolutely nothing for Bulls fans since hitting that shot.

Boylen wanted players with a spirit and soul. Instead he has broken whatever spirit and soul already existed. There is no need to go through the line of inexperienced head coaches Paxson brought in so that he and his buddy Gar could maintain control and claim victory if the Bulls won.

Jerry, or should we call you The Wizard, your team needs a new heart, a working brain and courage. Take your team back to who the Bulls use to be. Let this bad dream end. Just click your heels three times and since it is so bad, do a three peat and click them again, all the time repeating the words “there’s no place like the United Center when the Bulls are winning”.

Remember, and never forget that . If not now, when?