Chicago Bulls Jim Boylen’s greatest accomplishments

Is Chicago Bulls head coach Jim Boylen a good coach? No. Do the Chicago Bulls lack talent? Yes. But amid all the disappointment, there are a couple of positives worth noting.

In the last couple years, the Chicago Bulls traded their best player, missed the playoffs, dealt with player altercations, initiated a mid season coaching change, have not been able to attract top-level free agents, and now there are uncharacteristic empty seats at the United Center.

Fans have called for the removal of management and coaches. Some even advocate on twitter to trade the whole team outside of a couple of pieces, one of course being Zach LaVine. 

Quietly though something has happened to the spirit and soul of the team. Either they have bought in to a coaching philosophy of some sort. Let’s call it “Boylenism”. Or, the players have become numb, i.e. they don’t care too much.

After all, they are still in the NBA making great money. They will most likely play for another team soon enough if they wish. Could they officially be tuned out, as they should be, with Bulls management being who they are? You know the answer.

Whether it be Boylenism or Numbness, the following four positives can be aknowledged for now, the mid point of the season.

  1. Players are not calling each other out. Surely his teammates cannot be satisfied with the intensity of Lauri Markkanen‘s play. For some reason though his teammates have accepted it.
  2. Zach LaVine is playing defense. Zach LaVine is turning into a legitimate star.
  3. The players have not called out their coach….well that is except for Kris Dunn who knows he probably won’t be here much longer. After the “five egregious errors” game, LaVine responded by scoring 49 points in the next game. That is how he dignified his coaches comments.
  4. They play hard. This actually is true.

Well, that’s about it. Jim Boylen has been a great babysitter while Zach LaVine has been a great player. Maybe the second half will tell a different story. Maybe Boylen will stop talking about the first quarter.